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Unlocking the Language of Life in Coaching

Updated: Apr 4

Beneath the surface of our daily interactions lies a profound form of communication that occurs at the cellular level, a phenomenon beautifully introduced by Beverly Rubik, PhD, in her 2015 work. She delves into what she terms the "whispering" between cells and other life units, aptly naming it the 'language of life.' This language, unlike any human dialect, conveys complete messages, facilitating an intricate dance of life unseen yet fundamental to our existence. This concept, primarily known as the biofield, represents an information-based organizing influence that spans across space and time.

The biofield, as explored by Rubik, encompasses and permeates the human energy system, engaging in a relentless exchange of information that significantly impacts our biological pathways. It modulates activity and information flow, highlighting the complex, biological nature of human science—an aspect that transcends mere logical understanding.

The role of a coach in this energetic dialogue is crucial. It involves keen observation, continuous monitoring, and adaptive modulation of the energy flows within the coaching space. This space is rich with unseen information critical to the coaching relationship, requiring the coach to navigate through biases, assumptions, and self-limiting beliefs to effectively serve the client's agenda.

This unseen but palpable information within the biofield can be accessed and utilized to bring focused, intentional energy into the coaching space. By doing so, coaches can co-regulate the energy flow within the client’s system, aligning it with the client’s objectives and fostering a transformative space. Trust in one’s coaching capabilities and the exploration of various energy realms opens up 'The Potentiator' space—a domain where clients are empowered to embrace new thinking and ascend to new levels of success.

In this transformative space, coaches and clients together discover new possibilities, access valuable information, and direct energy and information towards achieving a state of heightened awareness and intentionality. This reflective and informed decision-making process aligns with our biological interactions and is steered by conscious intentions.

In essence, the 'language of life' within our biofield is a rich source of unseen information that, when tapped into, can significantly influence the coaching relationship. By attuning ourselves to this subtle yet powerful form of communication, we open the door to deep transformation and success. It reminds us of the intricate biological web of our existence, encouraging a holistic approach to coaching that resonates with the very essence of life itself.

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